Tips to Clean Shower Stall & Shine it Like New

In this guide check out how important tips on how to clean shower stall and shine it like new one, ever before.

Keeping ones shower clean and tidy is a job that no one likes to do. It is so evident that as soon as takes the trouble of cleaning the shower after maybe an hour of scrubbing, it is dirty again. But now one need not worry. There are products in the market that helps you clean the shower at a much lesser time and for a longer period of time. With these techniques, the stall will be much cleaner than it used to be before.Clean Shower Stall

Proper cleaning products are to be used when one is cleaning the soap scum; the mold and the mildew from the shower stall, and the products that you will use have to be chosen very carefully. There are a number of products that are available in the market that can serve the purpose of cleaning your shower stall but then again the kind of product that you will use will depend upon the kind of ventilation that you have in your bathroom, and how delicate or strong your water shower stall is. Many products are much more efficient than the others and it all depends on the above mentioned points. Some of the essential products are-

  • ZEP Commercial mold and mildew remover, which will though damage your fixtures, but it removes the mildew right away and that too without scrubbing.
  • Easy off oven cleaner can be used if the place is well ventilated as it instantly cleans all dirt and grime from the shower stalls, but the fixtures too should be avoided in this case.
  • One can also use Tilex with bleach but that would need other products or maybe one whole bottle of it in serious cases.

Once you know which chemical you would require for your shower, you will have to put a little effort from your side, like scrubbing and rinsing. And since you would not want to stretch and clean the stalls or handle the chemicals raw it is advisable to get a mop with a long handle which will do the needful and last for months.

Keeping the shower dry also helps. Wipe it after every use and there won’t be any accumulation of any sort.

Besides, you can also use products that won’t let the soap scum and mold settle on your shower stall. Sealing the grout with grout prevents mildew, car wax can protect tiles and rain-x can keep the glass door free from spots and scum.

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How to Defog Bathroom Mirror Easily Within No Time

When you use your bathroom daily, there are certain things which might require daily attention and cleaning. Bathroom mirror is the one which you should clean it daily.Defog Bathroom Mirror

Defog Bathroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror which often used by you and your dear ones might some time moisturizer with a layer of fog. So if you don’t clean the fog, you can’t clearly see you on mirror and you need to remove the fog from your mirrors as well.

Here in this article we will show you on how you can defog bathroom mirrors easily without costing you anything.

Follow the below mentioned procedure to remove the moisture from your bathroom mirrors –

  • You will need a hair dryer which is commonly found among women.
  • Now point the hair dryer at the mirror horizontally and turn it to the maximum heat possible.
  • The hair dryer should be atleast 10 inches away from the mirror.
  • Wave the hair dryer over the mirror until water droplets get defogged.

If you happen to see this problem continuously in your bathroom, then consider adding a ventilation system.

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So with simple tips you have removed fog from your bathroom mirrors and if you’re looking for any exclusive bathroom tips we have covered all of them from bath accessories to cleaning tips.

Tips to Consider When Purchasing Bathroom Accessories

Check out best tips on how to consider when purchasing bathroom accessories.

Some homeowners make it a point to achieve a bathroom that is not only functional but is also unique, elegant, and luxurious. The said attributes add value to any mundane-looking home. But for purchasing bathroom accessories you need special tips and we at has considered it.Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

To achieve the said characteristics, it is very essential to purchase components from Kohler bathroom accessories or from other reputable sellers because the right one can easily spice up any bathroom.

Though it may sound easy, it should be remembered that finding the right one can be quite a challenge because there are different styles and models to choose from. Different homeowners have their own style and requirements; to find the right one; they need to consider the helpful tips that are explained below –

  • When it comes to purchasing accessories for bathrooms with limited space, it would be best to consider simple lighting strategies to somewhat achieve an illusion of having greater space. Countertop lamps and wall sconces are some of the most notable fixtures that can be utilized to brighten up a bathroom.
  • Small bathroom accessories are essential for those who want to achieve a cozier atmosphere even with very limited space. Other things that should be considered by those who have small bathrooms are appropriately sized shelves, sinks, and pedestals, among others.
  • Those who will decorate their children’s room should focus on changeable accessories than on permanent ones. This is because wallpapers with cartoon characters may seem fine during younger years but they might outgrow them after a couple of years. For this reason, it would be best to use items that are easily replaceable.
  • Aside from being functional and aesthetically appealing, it is also essential to opt for bathroom accessories that address safety. Many that are out on the market are specifically designed to assist elderly individuals, children, and even disabled persons. Some of the said bathroom accessories include waterproof chairs, grab bars, and extendable showerheads, among others.


Bathroom accessories are essential components that can make bathroom use more convenient and worthwhile. They are numerous and may range from toilet rings to towel holders. The designs also vary from porcelain to wood to glass interior.

Nonetheless, finding the right one can be simplified if interested individuals consider the tips that are explained in this article and will purchase from reputable manufacturers such as Kohler bathroom accessories.

Turning to cheap ones may not be a good idea because many of them are made of materials that can easily breakdown and lose their charm.

Wall Paint Combination Patterns for Small Bathroom

When you are painting your bathroom, you should be choosy about the color combination that you use as the odd color or the combination of colors if didn’t match can spoil the look of your bathroom.

For your reference we have gone through some of the small bathroom paint combination patterns – 

How to Install Bathroom Showers: Go Green in the Bathroom

In this guide explains you how you can install bathroom showers and go green in the bathroom.

It is very important for you to save the environment and you can start it in your home by going green. This will also help to save the energy. One of the rooms that is known for energy hogging is the bathroom. This has been the case for so many years, but now by going green in the bathroom you can change that. You will only have to follow some steps and you will be on the way to going green.Bathroom Shower tips

Install Bathroom Shower

One of the best ways that you can go green in the bathroom is by modernizing it. This is because the old toilets and faucets waste a lot of water and they also use so much energy. You can also do this when you are installing the showers; this is because they are the ones that are used to releases the water.

Going green in the bathroom tips

  • Start by installing a toilet that has a dual-flush. When you have a dual-flush it will reduce the water consumption. This will be the best option, if you don’t want to replace the toilet. Then you can go ahead and install the showers.
  • To cut down the amount of water that you are using, you can install a sink faucet and a low flow shower head. This will ensure that you don’t use a lot of water and you will also save a lot.
  • Make sure not to use towels which are disposable to clean the bathroom. You should use the washable cloths and microfiber towels instead.
  • Always check if there are any leaks in the bathroom. This is because water leaks can cause a huge waste of money and energy.
  • To disinfect the bathroom, always use chemicals which are non-toxic. This will aid by not destroying the environment when not using toxins.
  • Always make sure not to let water run when you are in the bathroom brushing your teeth. You should also not speed a lot of time in the bathroom. This will help to conserve both water and energy.
  • You should also make sure to use energy server bulbs in the bathroom. This will help in saving the energy.
  • Always use toilet papers which can be recycled. This will help to preserve the environment.

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The bathroom is most of the time overlooked and no one seems to notice that it needs some green in it. When you use the tips above, you will find that you will save a lot of energy and you will preserve the environment. This will also save you a lot of money.

Restore Bathroom with 5 Minor Repairs

bathroom repairsBathroom problems can sometimes get a serious attention to it. Bathroom can get into some serious trouble and general bathroom problems are classified into these types –

We at Best Bathroom Tips bring some ideas to put to point without going into great expense or reforms. It is clearly not the best time to take parts or great expense to redecorate the house. So here we bring you some ideas and tips to make minor bathroom repairs, but vital to the look of your bathroom is maintained without losing the look new.

Fix a Broken Tile

The cracks, damage and small tears of a tile can be hidden in the damaged areas by applying a product to fill walls, epoxy putty or quick-setting cement. Once the product has been applied, leave it dry and then sand the putty surface. To color the repaired area, using wax to the same tone as ceramic tile.

Paste a Tile in Place

First, when a tile has taken off, should be taken with great care the space it occupies. You must then remove all the paste adheres well to the rear and to the surface where it is to be pasted. He scraped the edges of the tile and then paste it with cement or with a specific queue. In the case of bathroom silicone is used because sun exposure.

Streaks & Cracks in Marble

The marble counter top of the washing, despite being a very strong material, also deteriorates. When this occurs in small areas, there are practical solutions. If the crack is not large, when material is not lost, everything is repaired very fast with epoxy glue. To disguise the color of the adhesive must be scratching or scraping a piece of marble in an inconspicuous area to get a bit of dust. Then it must be mixed with glue before filling the crack.

Patches on Wallpaper

Often in the bathroom there are problems with the wallpaper. To carry out small repairs in the paper, it must remove the damaged piece, taking care that can obtain a ragged edge. When placing the patch on the irregular edge to disguise the aggregate more than a straight edge. It will be noticed less. The patch should stick with wallpaper glue, but first one must ensure that the reasons the paper match each other. Then the edges are equal from a brush to put everything tidy.

Cover Stains

The most important thing in a bathroom is to detect and trace the origin and cause of the wet spots. Sometimes it is a broken pipe, sometimes the bad state it is the cast. Once detected the problem, repair is affected. When the stain is completely dry, scraping the damaged and repaired, then applied a layer of putty and a waterproof layer or a moisture sealer before bathroom repainting.

Bathroom Finance for Designing Your Bathroom | Bathroom Remodeling Loans

Tesco Bank LoansBathroom Finance : Have you spent all of your money in designing your home interior and you have no budget leftover for bathroom designing? No problem, you can available bathroom loan and go ahead with bathroom interior design to the peace of your mind. You might have heard of car loans, house on loan, loans for the student but have you anytime heard of bathroom loan. Herein get details idea on bathroom remodeling loans.Bathroom remodeling loan

Bathroom Remodeling Loans

A bathroom finance or bathroom loan is defined as the money provided by the bank for helping you to get funds for designing your bathroom. Just like other loans this also comes with easy monthly installments & term period.bathroom loans

As we look around we find few bathroom finance providers worldwide –

Tesco Bank Bathroom Finance

UK Edinburgh-based Tesco Bank is providing loans if you are looking for a new bathroom. Tesco Bank could help you to buy the right bathroom at an affordable price range. As we go through Tesco Finest bathroom products, designs & collection they provide ecstatic bathroom accessories.

Tesco Bank provides bathroom loans as low as 5.7 % borrowing rate and the maximum loan amount is £ 7500 to £ 15000. The bank has no setup charges and has fixed rates of interest.

Features of Loans provides by Tesco –

  • Great rate of 5.7 % borrowing rate
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • No set up charge
  • Good term of loan
  • Less monthly payment

Bathroom Loan Calculator

For anyone who is looking to go with a bathroom loan, he should know the total amount before he gets started. This is because you should claim the respective amount loan from the provider.

Let’s say suppose you have taken £ 8800 loan amount then according to existing loan rates you will have to pay the following monthly payment –

Loan Amount – £ 8800
Monthly Payment – £ 168.31
Term of Loan – 60 months
Total amount to be repaid – £ 10,098.60
Borrowing rate – 5.7 %

The approval of the loan is subjected to eligibility. The actual rate might be higher and it depends on circumstances and loan amount.

You can apply by calling 0845 303 7108 or 18001 0845 600 6768 or apply online as well by visiting

Trends for having a Well Designed Bathroom

Check the trends for having a well designed bathroom for pleasant and calm morning bath.

The bathroom has taken a new role in modern housing. If the space relegated and unpleasant connotations, has become the place where you can take a relaxing bubble bath after intense workday, or the place where beauty treatment is performed. In short, the bathroom is now a place to enjoy a time spent in our care. For this reason, it is very important that this room is also functional a site pleasing to the eye and inviting. This has led to interior designers to pose your eyes on these rooms, to give his personal stamp, making them attractive and unique.Bathroom Design

In a designer bath, the taps, furniture and accessories are an important design element, which function as tools to give the space a touch of elegance, audacity, imagination, personality, or what they look at him. The fitting style, the clever use of lighting (whether natural or artificial), the use of new materials, are part of the tools that the designer has to resize this room.

Bathroom Designer

Technological innovations, allow materials that were unthinkable until not long ago, may be employed in the lining of the walls, or in the manufacture of furniture and accessories of existing bathrooms. Easy to clean, lightweight, durable, hygienic, cheaper, less showy than other materials, stainless steel has become a favorite show when a touch of modernity and comfort. Aluminum is also gaining ground on traditional pottery and ceramics. Toilets made bentwood 7mm thick and 3mm stainless steel. Other elements such as mirrors holder, multifunction furniture, single-lever faucets, used aluminum plates with specific designs. Other materials that took the lead include stoneware, marble, granite, glass, quartz compacted.

Clean design and elegant, with an elaborate conceptual background, show slides, urban touch, accurate geometry, seen trend that seeks to unite the interior and exterior space in harmony with the cosmos, and to reflect the timeless flow of water. Designers from all over the world as the architect and designer bath eastern Toyo Ito, has taken up the challenge of converting old hidden room in a beautiful and artistic space.

The Taps in a Bathroom Designer

The faucets should be shiny, in harmony with the rest of the decor of the bathroom, straight lines predominate along with cuts marked. The asymmetry was no longer outlawed, to take the policy. The chrome and are not exclusive, may be used or matte black metal, gold, combined, and a wide range of options. Costs are variable, dependent on the quality and design. Bathroom Tap Mixtures Guide

5 Tips to Remodel Bathroom in a Cost Effective Way

Check out 5 tips to remodel bathroom in a cost effective way ie.,s Bathroom Remodeling budget ideas.

Bathroom is one of the various rooms where we spend most of the time in a day. And yet it is the only room which we neglect the most. Well we are not talking about the cleanliness or the hygienic part but are emphasizing on the remodeling aspect. Whenever we think of redecorating our home, we are more interested in the living room, kitchen or our bedroom. We completely overlook the bathroom. We think about it when some part is not working like the shower, washbasin and so on.bathroom designs

At times although we think of reflecting the look of the bathroom we tend to drop it in the long run thinking about the expense involved or how to proceed about it. But in reality compared to the other rooms, it is very easy to remodel you bathroom because there are certain accessories that will always be required in the bathroom. So you don’t need to a rocket scientist to chalk out a plan as to how you will proceed with it and all.

Here are some cheap bathrooms remodeling ideas that are not only affordable but also a quick and easy process by which you can give your bathroom a completely new look and feel. Apply these ideas to give an aesthetic look to your toilet as well as make it functional from all possible inches. Take a closer look to get a clear idea.

Use of recessed lighting

This is an efficient and attractive way by which you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your toilet area. Depending on their placements, these lightings are going to illuminate your bathroom. One can place them over the mirror, near the shower or any wall hanging so that your washroom is properly lit and give a bright look to the room once you switch on the light.

Opt for wall mounted tub and sink

This is a quick and efficient way of using the space available. When one is opting for wall mounted tub and sink you are creating extra space inside the wash room. Moreover these tubs and sinks are available in different colors. Select and choose as pert the room of the color or the type of tiles used. One is not only saving space but also creating more. And these items are easy to install, replace and repair as well.

Go for built in storage space in your washroom

These storage spaces are not only cheap but add an extra appeal to the room. These storage system increases the functionality of the room as one can store all the products required such as shampoos, aftershave, perfumes, colognes, toothbrush, toothpaste – anything and everything required by your in your daily life. If you want put a fancy mirror in front of the storage system to add extra appeal.

Go for arched shower rods

Compared to the regular straight rods available in the market this looks more stylish and classy and they also increase the overall beauty of the washroom. Check out the different styles available before you settle for the perfect one that goes with your wash room.

Stay away from door swings

Keep away from these types of doors as they take up huge space. On an average these doors take up 20% of your washroom space. Except being fancy they literally don’t serve any purpose, so it is best to avoid them.

Opt for light colors in case of your washrooms

Light colors give the illusion of space whereas dark colors make the room look small and congested. So always opt for light colors.

Install accent tiles

Accent tiles are another way of increasing the beauty of the washroom. Opt for these styles but keep in mind that they match the color of the room. Moreover these styles are an inexpensive way of adding appeal to the bathroom.
Go for these cheap and easy ways by which you can change the entire look and feel of the room. Don’t try to do all this on your own. Take the help of a professional to remodel your bathroom the way you want it so that neither does it burn a hole in your pocket nor does it appear to be a difficult task. On the contrary these idea are going to make your washroom look function, give the appearance of space and attractive as well.

Post by: Kimberly Littleton is a home interior expert and blogging in these topics frequently. She is planning to write about discount plantation shutters in the next for the readers.

Home Environment Issues during Renovation and How to Maintain Health Standards

Remodeling an old house is necessary to maintain the living standard of its inhabitants, but you have to consider a number of environment issues before starting the renovation work. Some of the old household items can be a cause for health issues and they must be replaced immediately. You should also check the health-related hazards before installing something new in the house like window and outdoor awnings. From the paints you use to the old roof covering, anything can cause health problems, if not taken care of properly during remodeling.

Here I will highlight some home environment issues and their solutions. Pay attention to them when remodeling work starts.

Asbestos Should not be Used

Asbestos is used in a number of building construction materials for insulation. It’s a mineral fiber and the root of many diseases. In most of the countries, governments have banned the use of asbestos and manufacturers have also obeyed the policy. However, in old homes, asbestos can still be found.

If there are asbestos shingles and millboard in your house, remove them during the renovation work. Ask the contractor to remove asbestos materials with care because if he tries to slice asbestos materials without proper protection, the mineral fiber can go airborne. Flying asbestos can cause a disease named asbestosis and even lung cancer. Therefore, it’s better to stay at someplace else while the contractor removes items made with this dangerous element.

Carefully Remove Lead Paints

If your house was last painted 30 years ago, you can be absolutely certain that the paint used back then contained lead. Painting the house is an indispensible part of remodeling, but the old paint must be removed very carefully. Dry scalping and sanding for paint removal can result in lead dust and children can get severely affected due to it.

Lead is so dangerous that it can delay the physical and mental development of a child if he inhales it. Therefore, you must separate the remodeling areas from the living area. Use barriers and ventilation machine so that residents’ well being can be maintained. Ask the kids to wash their hands before eating any food.

Septic System must be Checked Thoroughly

Most city homes are connected with sewers but in small towns, most of the houses have a septic tank for waste water disposal. If you live in suburbs and have septic tanks in your house, hire professionals for septic tank inspection during remodeling to make sure that everything is fine. Repairing or replacing the septic tank is a costly affair; however, if experts tell you that something is wrong and can lead to a health hazard in a few years, its better to invest in repair work.

Noise Pollution Reduction

Remodeling is always noisy and can be very disturbing for your neighbors. Therefore, you should try to keep the noise as low as possible and talk with the contractor about this. Suggest him to start the work after 9 am and ask him not to use powered mechanical equipments or hammering work between 7pm and 7am.

Try to use green building materials for your house remodeling. Eco-friendly products are not costly anymore and by using them, you can ensure the health safety of your family members.