Bajaj Water Heaters

by Bathroom Advisor


A water heater or the Geyser in your bathroom is meant for hot water or warm water requirement in your bathroom. In India, its often called as geyser among the Indian consumers but worldwide its known as ‘water heater’. When it comes to home appliances, Bajaj is the world class leader. No other company in India provides wide range of choice as Bajaj Electronic does.

The following are the Bajaj water heater for your bathroom –

Bajaj Water Heater | Geyser

In Bajaj Water heater there are three different kinds of products are available, which are –

  • Bajaj Instant Water Heater
  • Bajaj Storage Water Heater
  • Bajaj Instant Gas Water Heater

Bajaj Instant Water Heater

Bajaj Instant Water Heater can be used directly to heat the water required for bathing and various purpose. This can be easily installed in your bathroom and comes with high impact resistant plastic body prevent for current shocks.

The following are the two models available under the instant water heater –

  • Majesty Water Heater : These are sleek and aesthetically designed water heaters priced accordingly to the model and water capacity in between ₹ 3000 to ₹ 4200.
  • Flora Water Heater : These water heaters are meant for long life heating. These are priced anything between 3100 to 4100.

These models are available in 1 litre & 3 litres capacities with 3 kW & 4.5 kW heating elements. These comes with 2 years full guarantee and 5 years guarantee on inner tanks.

Bajaj Storage Water Heater


Bajaj Storage Water Heater stores a good capacity of water inside it and you get hot or warm water instantaneously unlike instant water heater, you need to wait for certain time to get your water heated.

Among the various models available under the instant Water Heater are –

  • Majesty IQ Plus water heater priced at ₹ 8600
  • Majesty Vertical Water storage heater priced at ₹ 8500
  • Majesty 10L GPV heater priced at ₹ 6600
  • Majesty GMV water heater priced at ₹ 6800
  • Majesty IQ water heater priced at ₹ 8700
  • Majesty Plus Water Heater priced at ₹ 6600
  • SHakti Plus Water Heater priced at ₹ 7350
  • Shakti Plus Vertical Models priced at ₹ 5900
  • Shakti Plus Horizontal Models priced at ₹ 6510

Bajaj Instant Gas Water Heater

Bajaj water heaters have been advanced accordingly to the requirements and we have Instant Gas Water Heater along with us. These are suitable for both high and low pressure installations and comes with Oxygen depletion sensors. Only one model is available which is Majesty Duo Gas Water Heater priced at ₹ 5850.

Bajaj Water Heaters Customer Care | Complaints | Issues

We will update you whenever there is a new model of water heater or geyser. For any problem or assistance you can call helpline no at 1800 22 2252 or 1860 180 6722. You can find dealers in all the major cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Pune, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Goa, Madurai and purchase any geyser of your choice at reasonable price.

These geyser models are also available for purchasing it online from various stores in India.