How to Buy the Right Bathroom Tiles – Scouring for Your Options

The bathroom is one of the most common places in the house that is used daily. It is important that the bathroom is clean and safe to use. When buying bathroom tiles, it is necessary to make some considerations to ensure that you exercise the most prudent choices when shopping for the best tiles to place in the bathroom. Many said that tiling is an art but you need to scour for your options to ensure that you can maximize your budget, design and purpose for bathroom tiling.

One of the top priorities to consider when tiling the bathroom is hygiene. Tiles with smooth surfaces make it difficult for dirt to stick on and provide an easy to wipe surfaces. They are also waterproof and the growth of molds is no longer your major concern than when using floor carpets on your bathroom floors. The size of the bathroom tiles also matters. Larger tiles are easier on your budget and they take less time to place on the floor. Smaller ones require more precision when placing them on the floor and generally cost a little more than the larger tiles for the entire tiling project you will undertake. On the other hand, smaller tiles are more elegant so you can decide according to your purpose and budget.

It is best not to use larger tiles in smaller bathrooms as it will make the room look smaller. Bigger tiles usually come in the size of 60 x 30 cm while the smaller tiles are usually at 10 x 10 cm in dimension. If the spacing between the washbasin, windows and toilets are very compact, your best option is to use small tiles. Never use a wall tile on your bathroom floor because you need sturdier, thicker and stronger tiles to use for floor surfaces.

There are many colors available for bathroom tiles and the color white has become the most preferred choice when you want the bathroom to look clean and spacious. Mosaic designed tiles can bring a more appealing effect to the design of the bathroom. When making the choice in terms of the colors of the tiles to buy, make sure to coordinate the color of the tiles to the wall paint and other bathroom fixtures to create a stylish bathroom design.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the popular choice for the bathroom flooring because they are non-porous, easy to clean and generally lightweight. Glass tiles are quite expensive than its ceramic and porcelain counterpart but they can give the floor a classy and elegant look. They come in multi-color designs and give a glossy finish. If your major purpose is designing a bathroom for an elegant look, mosaic tiles are the best choice. They are very decorative and come in different geometric designs.

When selecting the right bathroom tiles, you need to consider important factors such as your budget, purpose and design. But the most important consideration of all is to ensure that the bathroom tile is not slippery to ensure safety every time anyone uses the bathroom.