Bajaj Water Heater, Geyser Price List

Check here the Bajaj geysers(water heaters) reviews, online, price list, products & customer care in India. Bajaj water heaters of gas, solar or electric.

Bajaj a multi niche company has identified its name when it comes to water heaters of Geysers in India. Bajaj Geysers comes in different models, capacity and technology. There are more than a dozen of water heaters of various kinds and applications available in the market. Bajaj Electronics specifically targets market in India and its the leader in water heaters.

Bajaj Geysers Models

Bajaj Storage Geysers

Majesty Water Heater Price ₹ 3200 to ₹ 4000
Flora Water Heater ₹ 3200 to ₹ 4200

Bajaj storage water heater prices in India –

  • Majesty IQ Plus water heater priced at ₹ 8600
  • Majesty Vertical Water storage heater priced at ₹ 8500
  • Majesty 10L GPV heater priced at ₹ 6600
  • Majesty GMV water heater priced at ₹ 6800
  • Majesty IQ water heater priced at ₹ 8700
  • Majesty Plus Water Heater priced at ₹ 6600
  • Shakti Plus Water Heater priced at ₹ 7350
  • Shakti Plus Vertical Models priced at ₹ 5900
  • Shakti Plus Horizontal Models priced at ₹ 6510

Bajaj Gas Geysers

For those who find Bajaj electric geysers costly, they can go with Bajaj gas water heaters. Gas is a renewable source of energy and with latest technology in adoption, they can be used to heat water for bathing. They uses LPG gas and some features of gas geysers are – Bajaj Gas Water Heater

  • Suitable for both low and high pressure installations.
  • Rated hot water supply of 5 Ltrs/min
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • No Water Shut-off.
  • Flame out protection
  • 20 Minute Timer
  • Maximum water temperature cut-off
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Available in LPG and PNG models

The following are the different models and capacity under Bajaj geysers with gas heating technology.

  • Bajaj Majesty Glassline 15 ltr GMV Storage Water Heater Price ₹ 6800
  • Bajaj GWX 07 Digital LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Price ₹ 3900
  • Bajaj GWX 04 Instant Gas Water Heater Price ₹ 3700

Bajaj Immersion Heater

Not looking to go with either gas heathers or storage electric water geysers, you can go with immersion water heaters, which are affordable and runs on electricity.Bajaj Immersion Water Heater

The following are the different models under immersion geysers –

  • Bajaj Immersion Heater priced ₹ 400
  • Bajaj Immersion Heater 1000W priced ₹ 450
  • Bajaj Immersion Heater 1500W priced ₹ 500

If you are exclusively looking for LPG gay heater then check out Luminous Gas Heaters.

Racold Water Heaters, Geysers Models, Price List

Find Racold water heaters, geysers models & different price list. Find Racold electric water heaters, solar geysers & gas water heaters models.

During the winter season in most part of India every households requires the use of water heaters. In states like Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttrakhand or Haryana or Tripura, geysers are almost required all the time.Racold Water Heaters

Racold has identified its name when it comes to water heaters in India. Just like Usha, Bajaj water heaters that we have gone through here we have listed all kinds of Racold geysers models.

Racold brand by Ariston Thermo Spa has won many awards like Most Preferred Water Heater Brand in India at Indian Home Awards 2012 and Winner of National Energy Conservation Awards.

Racold Electric Water Heaters

For those who needs just water heaters, electricity is the technology which can produce hot water for you.Racold Electric Water Heater

Following are the Racold Electric Water Heaters models –

  • Eterno DG (15L & 25L) : This comes in both 15 liters and 25 liters storage capacities.
  • Eterno 3 (15L & 25L)
  • Eterno 2 (10L – 35L)
  • Pronto (6L)
  • Altro 2 (15L – 50L)
  • Primo Mechanical (15L & 25L)
  • Primo Electronic (15L & 25L)
  • Platinum (50L – 100L)
  • Platinum (150 – 300L)

Racold Instant Water Heaters

Racold Instant water heaters comes with following models –

  • Racold Pronto I
  • Racold Pronto II
  • Racold Pronto III
  • Racold Pronto IV
  • Racold Pronto VI

Racold Gas Water Heaters

Racold Gas water heaters are available in different models of –

  • DGI 5L CF LPG 5 lpm
  • DGI 5L CF LPG/NG 5 lpm
  • DGI 5L CF LPG/NG 6 lpm
  • DGI 5L CF LPG/NG 8 lpm
  • DGI 5L CF FFI LED LPG/NG 6 lpm
  • DGI 5L CF FFI LED LPG/NG 8 lpm

Racold gas water geysers comes with two years guarantee.

Racold Solar Water Heaters

Racold solar water heaters come in two different depending on the nature of whether they are used in commercial or domestic applications. Among the solar water heaters are –

  • Racold Omega
  • Racold Omega Max 8
  • Racold Alpha