How to Install Kitchen Faucet

In this guide check out how to install Kitchen Faucet using Kitchen Guide instructions.

One of the most important parts of a house is the kitchen, and hence it is one place we need to take proper care of. A kitchen faucet will not give your kitchen a new look but will also help you in a number of ways. Either the sink can be taken out of the counter top and put or one can wedge underneath the available cabinet.Kitchen Faucet

Things you need before installing a faucet –

  • Silicone caulk
  • Basin wrench
  • Cleaning items : towel, steel wood pad, razor blade, vinegar
  • Flashlight
  • New faucet set

7 Steps to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Follow the 7 steps guide to install Kitchen faucet –

  1. The main water supply or the water supply from the sink using the valves that have been given has to be shut off. You can turn on the old faucet check once for complete surety that water supply has been completely shut.
  2. Too loosen the nuts; you can use the basin wrench. Top mounted faucets are there at the bottom and bottom mounted faucets are there at the top. Since a top mount is the most common one, so whether you are working below or you are pulling the sink out, it is the same thing and follows the same process.
  3. When the nuts are removed, we have to hold the faucet in place, and make sure that all the water supply and all its lines are disconnected. We can also keep a towel handy in case there might be any spillage. This should be followed by the cleaning of the sink in case there is any crud accumulation. If the mess is difficult to clear, a mixer of hot water and vinegar will do the trick, and then you can clean it with the steel wood pad or a razor blade. And if project is the reason you are going to move the sink, this time is right.
  4. There is a rubber gasket with a new set of faucet, you don’t follow this step but if not, you can squeeze out the silicone caulk and apply it on the inner edge of the base plate, and place the assembly firmly so the it can be water tight.
  5. Then place the nuts and the washer on the protruding stem that is below the sink, and tighten all the nuts that are there. If the new faucet set does not have a tool for tightening the nuts, best option is to use a basin wrench.
  6. Change the supply lines whenever you change a faucet, it is a good practice, and they need to be connected to the new faucet as well as to shutoff valves and then switch on the water supply.
  7. Check if there is any leakage of water from any side, and then do the same for hot water.

Note: if you want to make you job easier, remover the sink, it gives you more space. And also if you don’t want to bruise yourself against the sink wall, use kitty litter to lean on.

How to Clean Dishwasher – Dishwasher Efficiency Tips

In this guide go through efficiency instructions on how to clean dishwasher in your kitchen.

We all have different machines and parts of the house which needs to be taken care of on a regular basis, and if these are taken care of by the people properly, it will last longer and will provide with a better service. Hence here are tips and ways which will let you keep your dishwasher in the proper condition so that it lasts longer and gives good service. Fifteen minutes is all you need to get good and reliable service.clean dishwasher efficiently

Things you need –

  • A dishwasher safe cup
  • A sponge, or soft cloth, paper towels
  • Vinegar

Time required- 15 minutes


How to Clean Dishwasher – Steps

  • If the sprayer arm is clogged, along with the nozzles it should clean. This way you will get cleaner dishes.
  • Unplug the dishwasher. Remove any particle if present, many have trays and make the work easier. This way the work of the pump becomes easier.
  • Place the cup of vinegar on the topmost rack of the dishwasher and complete in cycles. Rust stains, soap scum and deposits of hard water can be removed in this way. And this way the work becomes easier and it is a lot cleaner. This cleans the walls of the dishwasher and increases its efficiency.
  • The racks and the walls of the dishwasher have to be checked and if you find any chip which has come off, you need to see to that too. The paint and the interior have to be taken care of too. And when you do this, the racks and the metallic parts don’t catch rust. And you will not have to worry about the dishes that you use getting exposed to metal which has been chipped.

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

  • One need to keep a check a one the dishwasher and the walls. If you have the metallic parts or the racks which are badly rusted, you need to find replacements for those racks as they should not be used.
  • The rack can be touched up with various paints, and there are multiple paints which are available. One can take time and find the paint which matches the wall of the dishwasher.
  • If you don’t have vinegar, a cup of lemon flavored drink could also be used to clean the dishwasher. All you need to do is pour it into the compartment which is meant for detergent but without sugar, and the all you need to do is run the dishwasher through a cycle and your work is done.

We are done with it.