Tips to Clean Shower Stall & Shine it Like New

In this guide check out how important tips on how to clean shower stall and shine it like new one, ever before.

Keeping ones shower clean and tidy is a job that no one likes to do. It is so evident that as soon as takes the trouble of cleaning the shower after maybe an hour of scrubbing, it is dirty again. But now one need not worry. There are products in the market that helps you clean the shower at a much lesser time and for a longer period of time. With these techniques, the stall will be much cleaner than it used to be before.Clean Shower Stall

Proper cleaning products are to be used when one is cleaning the soap scum; the mold and the mildew from the shower stall, and the products that you will use have to be chosen very carefully. There are a number of products that are available in the market that can serve the purpose of cleaning your shower stall but then again the kind of product that you will use will depend upon the kind of ventilation that you have in your bathroom, and how delicate or strong your water shower stall is. Many products are much more efficient than the others and it all depends on the above mentioned points. Some of the essential products are-

  • ZEP Commercial mold and mildew remover, which will though damage your fixtures, but it removes the mildew right away and that too without scrubbing.
  • Easy off oven cleaner can be used if the place is well ventilated as it instantly cleans all dirt and grime from the shower stalls, but the fixtures too should be avoided in this case.
  • One can also use Tilex with bleach but that would need other products or maybe one whole bottle of it in serious cases.

Once you know which chemical you would require for your shower, you will have to put a little effort from your side, like scrubbing and rinsing. And since you would not want to stretch and clean the stalls or handle the chemicals raw it is advisable to get a mop with a long handle which will do the needful and last for months.

Keeping the shower dry also helps. Wipe it after every use and there won’t be any accumulation of any sort.

Besides, you can also use products that won’t let the soap scum and mold settle on your shower stall. Sealing the grout with grout prevents mildew, car wax can protect tiles and rain-x can keep the glass door free from spots and scum.

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