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We at have covered various simple tips on how to repair leaky toilet, repair leaky bathroom sink & repair toilet running problem & few more. Bathroom Drywall is not one of the common bathroom problems which can’t be easily solved. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be solved, it can be but you need to follow a simple procedure which we have mentioned.Bathroom Drywall repair

Bathroom Drywall Repair

Fixing a bathroom drywall poses a challenge to everyone particularly to those who have very few or no knowledge and experience about installing or fixing drywall. The bigger challenge you have to face in bathroom drywall repair is to find a paint that will survive the humid temperature in the bathroom. Preparation is essential if you have plans of repairing your bathroom drywall. You need to equip yourself with the right tools, paint, and information to repair the drywall in your bathroom effectively.

Here are the necessary steps to guide you on your drywall repair task –

  • Peeling Paint Repair: Humidity and moisture in a bathroom are the main reasons why paint sheds from drywall. To repair a peeling paint successfully, scratch the loose paint using a joint knife, putty knife, or paint scraper. Apply drywall joint compound and spread to the surface using a joint knife to conceal the edges of paint which remain visible after removing the peeling paint.
  • Sanding: Once the joint compound dries out, make use of the edge of the joint knife in order to even out the ridges caused by the compound buildup. After that, apply a sanding block and use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the repaired area. Another way to smooth the ridges is by using a wet sponge. After wiping them with a sponge, leave the surface to dry.
  • Repair of Scratches and Dents on Drywall: For shallow scratches on drywall, these can be fixed by using joint compound and even out the surface by following the second step.
  • Repair of deep or visible holes on Drywall: Sometimes holes and gouges that damaged drywall are deep enough to be fixed with drywall compound. In this case, you can fix them using mud and a larger piece of drywall. First thing you need to do is find two wall studs to match the hole, a single stud for each side. Sketch a rectangle on the wall and around the hole. The left and right ends of the rectangle must be long enough so that each end can be placed on the wall stud. Then using a keyhole saw, cut this rectangle out of the sheet. Hold the piece you just cut out against a new drywall sheet. Draw one more rectangle on this piece. After cutting out the second rectangle, put it in the space where you take the first rectangle away. Then, fasten a couple of drywall screws into the rectangle and through the wall stud at the back. Lastly, the spaces between the main sheet and the rectangle must be filled up with mud. Let the mud dry and sand the edges.
  • Use latex primer; and once dry, apply poly methyl methacrylate base paint.

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With the above steps we hope that it has helped you to fix the bathroom drywall effectively. Do share the article if you like it.

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