How to Defog Bathroom Mirror Easily Within No Time

When you use your bathroom daily, there are certain things which might require daily attention and cleaning. Bathroom mirror is the one which you should clean it daily.Defog Bathroom Mirror

Defog Bathroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror which often used by you and your dear ones might some time moisturizer with a layer of fog. So if you don’t clean the fog, you can’t clearly see you on mirror and you need to remove the fog from your mirrors as well.

Here in this article we will show you on how you can defog bathroom mirrors easily without costing you anything.

Follow the below mentioned procedure to remove the moisture from your bathroom mirrors –

  • You will need a hair dryer which is commonly found among women.
  • Now point the hair dryer at the mirror horizontally and turn it to the maximum heat possible.
  • The hair dryer should be atleast 10 inches away from the mirror.
  • Wave the hair dryer over the mirror until water droplets get defogged.

If you happen to see this problem continuously in your bathroom, then consider adding a ventilation system.

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So with simple tips you have removed fog from your bathroom mirrors and if you’re looking for any exclusive bathroom tips we have covered all of them from bath accessories to cleaning tips.

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