How To Keep Your Bathroom Paint Fresh And Glowing – Bathroom Paint Tips

Guide on how to Keep your bathroom paint fresh and glowing as it is by going through essential bathroom paint tips.

bathroom paintIf you are planning to paint you bathroom a new, then you also have to arrange for plenty of bright natural light and ventilation to keep the quality of your paint job high. Bathrooms are target of plenty of abuse mainly because of constant steam coming out of showers and baths. Similarly, your paint should be up to the challenge because of the fact that humidity levels are always rising and falling in the bathroom. You also need to prep your walls before whipping them up with the paint.

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Paint New

Following lines explain some tips that will help you to keep your bathroom paint brand new for long time to come.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is the most important aspect when it comes to preserving the brightness and shine of the paint. If your bath is not well ventilated, the high levels of humidity will damage the paint in worse manner possible. An exhaust fan, a ceiling fan or an open window can help you to clear the room or excessive steam, remove moisture and drying walls. In this regard, try to run your fan for almost an hour after every bath.

Even Drywall Texture

Secondly, you need to consul a pro to ensure that your drywall has even texture on all the walls. Any poor sanding or plaster job will easily be exposed by the paint and therefore, you should ask for level 5 drywall finish to get the best outcome. You can also look for signs of overlap marks or shadows or for even sheen on your finished walls to ensure that everything is OK.

Sharp Drywall Corners

It is quite understandable to expect for sharp corners in the paint job but you cannot accomplish the task if the corner of your drywall is straight and true. Therefore, you need to have a wall with perfect corners instead of forcing the painter to hide any discrepancy in the wall. For instance, paper-faced metal drywall corners will help you to get perfect drywall corners and they will also strengthen the wall assembly.

Long Lasting Paint Around Windows

Perhaps the part of the bathroom that gets the most beating is windows. Windows open and close frequently, blinds go up and down and candles and other hot items are often found on the top of the window ledge. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you to use long lasting yet elegant semigloss or gloss trim paint that has the ability to beat the beating and abuse for long times. Similarly, it is also a good idea to use exterior paint if the window receives direct rain and wind because in this case, it will get wet sooner than later. In addition, with paint, you can also hide the eye soaring parts of the windows with things like wrapped canvas prints that will also add to the beauty of your bathroom.

Good Fixed and Natural Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in how your bathroom looks because the levels of light and shadow constantly change in the bathroom. Therefore, if the room receives plenty of sunlight, it is better to check how your bathroom looks for most part of the day after the installation of drywall. In fact, natural light falling on the ceiling will disclose any flaw and therefore, it is good to use flatter sheen on the ceiling. Similarly, if you are painting a large ceiling, try to cover it completely with the paint.

Similarly, wall scones can also highlight any flaw in the wall and you must take proper care before installing these light fixtures.

Wood Paneling

Paneled walls are perfect for the bathroom and are used quite frequently.  It allows you to protect both walls as well as paint without falling into trouble of preparing or installing drywalls. You can make these panels even more enticing by hanging your photos on canvas prints on them that is an odd idea for the bathroom but will make it little more relaxing and fun.


Discussed above are some of the tips that will help you to maintain the quality of your paint job and keep your bathroom sparkling for year to come.

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  1. You may add to this that by adding almond to the paint you get rid of the “paint smell’. Enjoyed reading your article. Nice work.

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