How To Organize Your Kid’s Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom clean especially when it is being used by kids is one of the most difficult tasks. However, with a simple touch of creativity and organizing tools, you can have an organized kid’s bathroom.Kid’s Bathroom

Here are some tips:

Prepare The Bathroom

To get started, remove everything from the bathroom–wet towels, laundry, and toiletries. Place all the junk and garbage on a trash bag. Clean the bathroom and all the surfaces with cleaning wipes.

Label Drawers

If each child has their own drawer for their personal belongings, you can color code them so that everyone will know which belongs to whom. Place towels, toiletries, and toothbrushes in each drawer. If you prefer, each supply should match the color code you assigned to your kids.

By segregating, you can also help remove clutter in the bathroom. You can place them in lingerie bags with a zipper to save some space and also to keep the drawers clean. This is also the perfect solution for drying toys such as rubber duckies and other bath time toys.

Use A Shower Caddy

A shower caddy can help organize shampoos and other bottles. If your kids use different shampoo or body washes, installing a shower caddy is the best way to organize their bathroom. It is unlikely that your son will use the shampoo or body wash of your daughter and vice versa. Look for a shower caddy that can hold several bottles. Likewise, check regularly and remove empty containers from the caddy.

Toy Storage Box

Especially for the toddlers or little ones, rubber duckies and other toys can be left in the bathroom floor dripping wet. This may cause accidents as they can become slippery. You can consider buying mesh bags for storing bath toys.

Set The Rules

Once you organized things, make sure that your kids understand that you mean business. So if you say no wet towels on the floor, make sure you mean it. You may reprimand them if they break any of the rules such as not giving them a clean set of towels or others.

While these tips may not be applicable to your house, it is still worth trying them out.

Melvin Magadia is a writer and blogger for Branders selling personalized bath travel kits. He writes helpful guides about a wide range of topics but concentrates most on business, technology and travel-related posts.