Bathroom Lighting Ideas & Advices

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the house beginning in the morning and before you sleep at night. The functionality of the bathroom is very obvious and to totally take advantage of it, lighting plays a very important role. Proper bathroom lighting has lots of advantages. A good lighting design is necessary as you do routine regimen including makeup application, shaving the face, brushing teeth and taking a shower. When a bathroom is poorly lit, doing your usual thing in the area would be difficult. And so it is important that your bathroom lighting is well planned out in order to give the area proper illumination.Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

There are different bathroom lighting ideas that you can consider and take on your bathroom. You can create your own design and make sure that lighting is installed in the area where illumination is really needed. It is common that bathroom lighting is placed or fitted in the center of the room. But that does not provide enough lighting in some other corners of the room. Other special places that need to be well illuminated includes mirrors and shower area. The bathroom vanity is certainly a fixture that needs proper lighting. It is advised that mirrors in the vanity furniture need to be lighted properly by placing bulbs on each side. In this way, you can see your face evenly illuminated and applying make –up or shaving can be done easily. Frontal lights for mirrors are ideal because they reduce the appearance of shadows and uneven illumination.Bathroom Lighting Ideas

You have to remember that lighting need may vary from one area to another inside the bathroom. The intensity of light that you need for the mirrors is not the same with that of the tub. Mirrors usually need bright lights while areas like the tub make use of subdue lighting. In order to easily control the intensity of the bathroom lighting, you may use dimmer switches to regulate the lighting from the brightest to the lowest night lighting that you desire.

There are also unique ideas to incorporate lighting to your bathroom. These unique ideas can give your bathroom a contemporary look. All you have to do is to determine your lighting need and blending it with some creativity. You can also use lighting to add drama to your bathroom or emphasize certain decor. It would be better also if you could consult someone who is skillful when it comes to bathroom lighting design. With the use of lighting, you can also turn your bathroom into a soothing ambiance just like a spa and give it a relaxing mood. Bathroom lighting is very important as it improves the functionality of the area and at the same time giving your bathroom unique and contemporary look.