3 Ways to Incorporate Hardwood in Bathroom or Spa

In this guide check out the three ways to incorporate hardwood in your bathroom or spa.

A new fad to renovating your bathroom or updating the look of your spa is to add a touch of hardwood to a normally tile laden area. Hardwood can spice up any space that needs a little TLC, especially your bathroom. If you enjoy spending time in a sauna, which is generally surrounded by hardwood, why not add that same touch to your bath at home? Engineered hardwood is especially perfect to add a new look to your retreat from the world. Relaxing in a bath surrounded by hardwood, offers a calming sensation after a long day at work or play. When treated correctly, the superior toughness and resistance to moisture and humidity, hardwood makes the perfect accent to a sometimes overlooked room.Hardwood bathroom flooring

Add a Hardwood Bench in the Shower

Taking a relaxing bath can be a rewarding treat at the end of a long day. But, when you have dinner to cook, laundry to do and the kids’ lunch to pack, you realize you only have time for a shower! A wooden bench in the shower stall can be an ideal way to give your bathroom the feel of a spa. Whether it is installed in the shower stall or a fold-away bench, make sure the bench is stable and the wood has been treated to withstand water. Adding a wooden bench to a shower is stylish and is a little luxury to enjoy in your bathroom. Some find showers more relaxing than baths and by adding a bench, it is a perfect way enjoy a shower and have nice to have a place to sit and relax. Add a hardwood bench to your shower and rest your feet from a long day at work!

Add a Floating Vanity

If you’re looking for a way to add space to your small bathroom or to simply add an updated look, a wooden floating vanity may do the trick. A floating vanity does not touch the bathroom floor. It simply attaches directly to the wall and gives the illusion that it is floating above the floor. Installing a vanity can be a simple task that can easily transform a boring bathroom and save precious space. Add a floating vanity made of reclaimed or recycled wood. A hardwood slab vanity can liven up your bathroom by adding an antique look while using less space. Install a thin wood slab with a colored veneer and voila! A raised sink sitting atop a hardwood vanity preserves the wood. Make sure the wall can bear the weight of the wood. Don’t skip this important step or you risk having damage to you walls.

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Add a Hardwood Crate

Do you have an old wooden crate lying around? If you were thinking of tossing it on the next garbage pickup day, don’t throw it out, reuse it! Your great-grandmother may have used it to gather fruit from her garden and it has use even today. Clean it up using furniture or wood polish and you have an old-fashioned accessory that serves a purpose. Store plush toilet paper and crisp, clean rolled up bath towels in the crate for quick and easy access. This little storage crate eliminates the need to hunt down a new roll of toilet paper or a fresh towel! Your kids and guests will thank you!

No matter how you decide to add a little flair to your bathroom, by adding hardwood, it is sure to add panache to your bath space. Look for antique pieces of hardwood or order planks to build your own creation. The possibilities are endless with hardwood but always offer a classic look.

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