10 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrade Your Bathroom- From small upgrades to complete remodeling projects, there are many things you can do to liven up or bring about a soothing vibe to your bathroom.

The bathroom is the place where we spend a lot of time getting ready for the day, relaxing in the tub and taking care of day to day necessities. Making your bathroom an inviting, comfortable space is a great way to pamper yourself for those few minutes several times a day, especially those times when you can indulge in a long soak or a soothing shower. Upgrading your bathroom is a project that can be done over time and can easily fit within any budget.Upgrade Your Bathroom

From small upgrades to complete remodeling projects, there are many things you can do to liven up or bring about a soothing vibe to your bathroom.

  1. Completely Redecorate – choose a theme that you like and decorate the bathroom accordingly. Paint the walls in colors that make you smile, add whimsical soap dispensers or soothing pictures to the walls. Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a space you don’t mind being in — you’re going to spend some time there anyway.
  2. Add Storage Space – this is especially helpful if your bathroom is a small, space challenged one. Set up hanging baskets or a shelf with hooks, add hooks to the back of the door or next to the towel rack or set baskets under the sink. Hang a wire rack in the shower for holding all those bath products. By corralling things off the counters and floors, your small space will seem bigger.
  3. Frame the Mirror– most bathrooms come with a plain, standard mirror hanging on the wall. You could replace it or you could simply frame it. By framing the mirror, you liven it up and make it a work of art that works with your bathroom décor. Frame options can be literal framing or tile artwork.
  4. Update Flooring– some bathrooms with a bit of age on them have outdated flooring such as linoleum or tile that needs replacing. Adding floor mats with patterns or in complementary colors that match your décor is one way to update the flooring, especially if replacing it is not a current option. If you are replacing the flooring, choose a flooring option that will look nice yet function well, such as a being non slip. This could be a DIY project, or you could hire someone to install the new flooring.
  5. Update the Shower – change the shower head to a hand held model, or a massaging model that will make you feel pampered when showering.
  6. Window Treatments – add decorative shades, blinds or curtains to the bathroom window, not only affording privacy, but also giving your bathroom a completely new look with just one simple detail. Colorful or patterned window treatments can turn the window into a work of art to enjoy. Check more of Bathroom Windows.
  7. Shower Curtain – another one of the less expensive updates you can do to your bathroom is to buy a new shower curtain and rings. Simply changing that alone can bring a bright pop to an otherwise neutral or drab bathroom space. You can read further on bathroom shower curtains tips.
  8. Fixtures – change the faucets, cabinet knobs and other fixtures in the bathroom to something that you would like to look at day after day. Choose a finish you enjoy, such as shiny chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Even whimsical toilet handles such as dolphins and fishing poles can be found to add a fun giggle to the bathroom.
  9. Add a Bathtub – for a bigger investment in a bathroom that has only a shower, find a bathtub you would enjoy such as a clawfoot tub or an insert that includes the tub and shower and enjoy many soaks in the days to come.
  10. Add a Television – it is easier than you might think to add a small flat screen TV to your bathroom wall, enabling you to enjoy a long tub soak while watching favorite programs.

Bathroom upgrades can be small and inexpensive or they can be full scale remodels, and everywhere in between. Investing in a bathroom that looks good and functions well is a great investment in your home.

Dee Carter is an interior design blogger and freelance writer. She writes for Mat TEK, an Australian producer of high quality matting, and for several other websites and blogs related to interior design and home improvement.

Photo credit: Bryan Bruchman

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