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A water heater or generally referred as geyser is meant to provide warm water for bathing and various purposes. V-Guard Industries Ltd is one of the world class manufacturer in the water heating solution in India. They started long back in Kerala and now offer India wide supply and support. V-Guard targets the market in India and it hopes its half a dozen models will compete with Bajaj the India wide leader the in geysers. These geysers are ideal for water heating solution in Bathroom and users can choose them in accordance with their bathroom theme or bathroom size.V-Guard logo

V-Guard Water Heater Models

The following are the various models of V-Guard Geysers available in the Indian market, check them here. V-Guard just like the Bajaj provides three different kinds of solution for heating, which are –

  • V-Guard Instant water heater
  • V-Guard Storage water heater
  • V-Guard Instant gas water heater

V-Guard Sprinhot Instant Water Heater

Sprinhot Instant is an instant water heater made from rust proof ABS material which is completely resistant from electrical shocks. The inner tank of it is made from 304 grade stainless steel and this can withstand a press up to 3.5 kg/cm. This comes with automatic temperature regulation through thermostat safety devices.


  • Made from rust proof ABS material
  • Inner tank is with 304 grade stainless steel
  • ISI mark from extra long life
  • Automatic temperature regulation

Sprinhot Instant is an instant water heater is priced at Rs 8,000 in India.

V-Guard Sprinhot Plus Geyser Water Heater

V-Guard Sprinhot Plus Geyser is the better than the above model and its with higher ink tank capacity. This water heater can hold up to 35 litres of water


  • Holds up to 35 litres of water
  • 5 star energy rated
  • Automatic temperature regulation circuit
  • Inner tank is with 304 grade stainless steel
  • Withstand pressure up to 3.5Kg/cm
  • Outer body made from rust proof ABS material

Sprinhot Instant is an instant water heater by V-Guard is priced at Rs 10,500.

V-Guard Sprinhot Storage Water Heater

V-Guard Sprinhot Storage geyser is with 25 liters of water capacity storage and one the lightest water heater for your bathroom by V-Guard. This is with storage and heat of the water.

V-Guard Gas Water Heater Geyser

V-Guard also presents the Gas geyser apart from instant and storage water heaters.

Few more models are –

  • V-Guard Krystal Plus Geyser
  • V-Guard Steamer plus Geyser
  • V-Guard Steamer Geyser

V-Guard Geysers Customer Care | Complaints | Issues | Problem

We will provide you details of the updated models of the water heater or geyser as they are out. For any complaints you can reach the customer care at 1800 3000 1800 working hours from 10:00am – 05:30pm on all days.

Customer Care: For customer complaints you can write to V Guard at customercare@vguard.in or call toll free number at 1800 3000 1800.

For any issues you can reach to registered office at

33/2905 F, Vennala High School Road,
Vennala, Kochi-682028,
Ph: +91 484 3005000 ,
Fax: 0484-3005100,
E-mail: mail@vguard.in

If you are seriously interested in buying in a Geyser then do check out the Bajaj water heaters prices which has many more models. The prices may vary from states to states and cities to cities.

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